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Myer Awarded for Valor

Terry Myer Sr. had stopped near the intersection of Front and Fulton Street in downtown Columbus in the summer of 2005. Suddenly two female prisoners dropped from underneath a prisoner transport bus directly in front of his car.

The prisoners, shackled together, broke free and started to run. Myer jumped out of his car and chased one of the prisoners for two blocks. Myer caught the woman and escorted her back to the bus sitting next to the county jail

"Do you guys want your prisoner?" Terry said and they looked at me like 'What's going on?'"

terry and karnes
Terry Meyer, left, receives congratulations from Sheriff Jim Karnes.
For his apprehension the Buckeye State Sheriff's Association gave him their Citizens Award of Valor.

Terry was given the valor award because he stepped up and put himself in harms way to help enforce the law.

Terry, owner of the Columbus Detective Agency in Reynoldsburg, stated, "That award was probably the highlight of my career. It was right up there."

Myer crossed paths with the escaped prisoners by chance. Earlier in the day he had driven to Columbus to retrieve some paperwork from the Franklin County Courthouse. Seeing those prisoners roll out of the bus I thought it was some kind of movie.

Terry shrugs off credit for his deed. "When something comes up you do what you have to do."

This story was reported by the Columbus Dispatch, The Pataskala Standard and the Pataskala Post.

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